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High Five Taxes Poses the Question, “Should You Do Your Own Taxes (DIY) or Hire a Professional?”

High Five Taxes offers professional tax preparation services so easy to use, they’ll convert even the most staunch DIY tax filer. When debating between DIY tax filing or hiring a tax professional this year, consider the pros and cons of each.

DIY tax preparation is one of the most affordable ways to file taxes. That being said, there have been a lot of changes to tax laws that can affect an individual’s or business owner’s ability to prepare taxes correctly. On top of that, if a taxpayer has multiple tax forms to submit, this can further complicate the DIY tax preparation process.

If taxpayers choose the DIY route, they’ll have to navigate the new tax laws related to stimulus checks, unemployment compensation, changes to tax brackets, and retirement distribution rules — just to name a few.

In lieu of DIY filing, taxpayers can hire a tax professional to assist them with filing. However, this comes with its own challenges. Depending on the tax prep company a person hires, they could be spending significantly more money based on their state, the tax forms they need to file, and how the tax prep company itself charges for their services.

Instead of DIY tax filing or hiring an expensive tax preparation company, taxpayers now have a third option that meets all of their tax-filing needs. High Five Taxes is an online tax preparation service that gives taxpayers individual access to the Top 5% of tax professionals. This means that taxpayers will receive the attention and detail they deserve to complete all of their required forms without having to pay expensive tax preparation fees.

High Five Taxes offers a customized algorithm that calculates the price of a tax preparation fee based solely on an individual’s or business owner’s tax situation. This eliminates hefty base fees for taxpayers who only need to file a couple of forms, while simultaneously eliminating hourly fees that add up quickly for those who need a variety of tax forms prepared.

Not only does High Five Taxes help taxpayers navigate the robust list of tax law changes for 2021, how to claim stimulus payments, and do it all for a fee customized to the client, but they are also offering an Early Bird Special for those who are ready to get started on their tax prep now. Visit to learn more and get started with a High Five Taxes Tax Pro today.

About the Business:

High Five Taxes is an online tax preparation company that offers solutions that help simplify the tax preparation process. From dedicated one-on-one support to an affordable pricing model, individuals and business owners alike can take advantage of these simple and efficient services to prepare and file their taxes.

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