Frequently Asked Questions


How do I know if it's for me?

High Five Taxes was created with a Goal to provide people with a hassle-free experience to get their boring taxes filed, at a competitive price. You could be an employee, Self-Employed/Independent Contractor, an investor engaged in complex Cryptocurrency transactions, or a Business owner with hundreds of employees, the answer is Yes! Our network of licensed Tax Pros have have tons of experience in complex tax issues and we'll connect you with a Tax Pro based on your tax situation. Its time to get smart about your taxes.

Is it Secure?

At High Five Taxes, we breathe Security. Out team of Technology experts include professionals with over 50+ years of combined experience in the Cyber Security domain. We are compliant with IRS guidelines on protecting Taxpayer information.

How is this different than other Do it Yourself websites?

High Five Taxes is not a "Do-it Yourself" software. We do not believe in having you do all the work and always second yourselves if you did it right. With the convenience of State-of-the-art Technology and the experience of working with a real Tax Guru, why worry about spending hours trying to check boxes and doing all the work yourself? Our process are competitive and you'll be surprised how often you'll end up paying less compared to other platforms out there. After all, everything in life doesn't have to be Turbo speed.

How is the Pricing compared to others?

We've spent hundreds of hours designing a Simple, Smart and Transparent pricing algorithm. We wanted to be equitable and competitive to provide you with a world class service at an affordable price. We've compared our pricing with more than 50+ competitors and guess what? We win! And so do you!

Do you have a referral program? How does it work?

Our referral program is like no other. For the first time in the Tax Industry, experience a fully automated referral program. If you've used one of the popular ride-sharing apps, that's exactly how our technology works. you have your own personal referral code and there is no limit to how many people you can refer. The more you refer, the more you win. Your account reflects referral points once the person you refer signs up for any of our services. Once you earn referral cash, just request a redemption and your gift card will be on its way. High Five there!

What to expect from my Tax Pro? Are they qualified?

Our rigorous selection process filters out the mediocre performers. Take a look at our selection process to see how we pick the best of the best to ensure there is Quality in everything we offer. Out Tax Pros have tons of experience in dealing with most complex tax issues you can come across. That's the power of the High Five network.

Can I start with one service and add more later?

Absolutely! You can start with one and keep adding more services at your convenience. However, we offer bundle discounts if you were to sign- up for multiple services at the same time.

Do I have to pay first?

Unlike other tax companies, you do not have to pay first. you usually pay for the services before you receive the final work product. The only fee you pay upfront is a small service fee (basically out fee to keep our lights on).

What if I need my tax returns done ASAP?

The answer is "Yes, its possible". Life happens and if for some reason you need your tax returns expedited, we are on it! You can select the option to Expedite your return upfront and pay and expedited fee and we'll make sure we get your returns done as fast as we can.

What if I get audited?

We stand by our Quality and Customer First values and if you get audited due to a mistake by our Tax Pro, we will represent your case and deal with IRS or State without any fee. However, if you get audited and it's not our fault, OR if you get audited because of willful or fraudulent omission or inclusion of information provided by you, we may choose to withdraw our services and not serve you or depending on the case, help you resolve the issue for free. Our company values overtake making money, every time, all the time.

How do I know the status of my tax return?

If you're used to call, text, or email your Tax Pro to find out the status of your tax return, its time for a change. What doesn't make sense is that for almost every other app you use like food delivery or a taxi, you know what the status is, in real time. Why shouldn't your taxes be the same way? Our intuitive status tracker tells you where exactly your return stands along the way.

What servies do you offer?

High Five Taxes is the only online platform to offer maximum number of services when it comes to Taxes. We currently offer the following services - Individual and Business tax returns, FBAR Filing, ITIN Application, IRS/State notices and/or Audit, Company Formation, and we are the first ones in the industry to introduce a new service - "Get a second opinion". If you prepared your tax return yourself or if you got it prepared by someone else and would like a second set of eyes by an experienced Tax Pro, you can avail this service for a small fee. Who said second opinions are only reserved for Doctors?